Lankapeli is the Secretary of the Federation of Media Employees Train Unions and also the Secretary of the employees union of Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd (State print media institution).He has been a working journalist in the mainstream print media for the last 22 years and also a media activist and media trainer. He has been lobbying for safeguarding rights of media employees and journalists and also for freedom of expression and access to information. He has been invited as the Sri Lankan representative for the World Congress of the International Federation of Journalists for the last 5 congresses year. He has represented Sri Lanka at international journalists conferences in many countries including Belgium, France ,Spain, Russia, Netherlands, South Korea. Taiwan, India and Malaysia. He has obtained training from IFJ in various issues relating to journalism including human rights coverage, safety of journalists, professionalism , and ethics etc. He has a Diploma in Journalism from the Colombo University. He is a greatly respected senior journalist in Sri Lanka and has trained and mentored a large number of journalists based in Colombo and most other parts of Sri Lanka. One of his most significant contributions to media development in Sri Lanka is the leadership he has given to forming district journalists associations in all parts of Sri Lanka and his continued support to the district journalists to enhance their professional skills and lobby for their professional rights.

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