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What is Access?

The Rainbow Institute offers English and Communication programmes in the district as a partner of the Access Micro Scholarship programme. Access provides a foundation of English language skills with IT and Cross Cultural Values to talented 13-20 year-olds from poverty stricken families through after-school classes and intensive sessions.
This globally reputed international program enables participants to become competitive in accessing better educational opportunities and employment prospects.
A special privilege will be the provision to compete for and participate in future exchanges and study
program in the United States.
Since its inception in 2004, approximately 95,000 students in more than 85 countries have participated in the Access Program.

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Chief Academic Advisor and Programme Director :

Dr. Mahim Mendis

BA (Hons); MA (Lancaster); M.Phil (Leicester); Ph.D (NUS),
Post Doctoral Scholar, Northern Illinois University and University of Massachusetts

Benefit to StudentsNumber of studentsEligibility for SelectionTutors ComponentsWeekly Time Commitment and DurationMethodologySpecial Enhancement Activities
Full scholarships for those successful in Selection Test and Interview. The scholarship will include course fees, stationery, equipment, text books , work books and opportunity to participate in Leadership camps, community development activities and other empowerment programs.
There will be 30 kids, with equal number of boys and girls who are strictly 12-13 years old in each District.
The children are talented and bright, coming from low income families. They should have a strong desire to improve their personalities through English and be willing to participate in the program for two years, without dropping out mid-way.
All tutors in the RICE team are highly experienced University academics and English teachers with post graduate qualifications and rich experience in teaching
The program includes teaching English, IT, Cross Cultural Values and special sessions for personality development, leadership and community development.
Approximately, 2 hours after school per week and longer hours during school holidays.
Activity based, learner centered teaching with text books, work books, movies, maps, stationery etc. provided.
There will be two Leaderships Camps during vacations, each lasting 2-3 days with fun filled activities. One will be in the relevant district, while the other will be in a central location where kids from all 4 centers will come together.