Snippets on RRL Services from some clients

“I have known and worked with Ms Manique Mendis, since I lived and worked in Sri Lanka from 2001- 2008, as the Director of the Berghof Foundation, Germany. Ms Mendis served as the head of our Media and Communications Department and became a key colleague due to her in depth understanding of the media landscape, as well as her outstanding management and communication skills.  Her loyalty, diligence and social skills on issues of ethics and solidarity   were key asserts, which I still keep in high regard since then.

 I had the chance to learn about the creation of Rainbow Resources Lanka and meet staff and key clients when I visited Sri Lanka in 2016. My impression is that the company is very well managed, has connections with key interlocutors and has high standards of delivery. It fits in well within the space of a social enterprise and a private commercial company”

Norbert Ropers
Director, Pease Resource Collaborative, Chulanlongkon University, Bangkok

“The British Asian Trust has been working closely with Rainbow Resources, since 2010. Rainbow provides programme management support, including collecting baseline data, conducting due diligence, monitoring and evaluation, coordinating with partners and organizing capacity development programmes.

Implementing programmes in Sri Lanka, when our office is based in UK, can present challenges. However Rainbow has greatly supported us and facilitated the smooth functioning of our programmes.  Rainbow understands our needs and works with a high level of professionalism and quality. They have sound understanding of the ground level issues in Sri Lanka, excellent links with partners and ability to maintain good relations with the Trust’s partners. We are extremely satisfied with the services provided to us by Rainbow Resources and recommend them for programme management related assignments which can be challenging and require high standards”

Kevin Groome
Programme Manager–  The British Asian Trust

“Practical Action, Sri Lanka, selected Rainbow Resources Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. to design and implement development discussions and a media campaign, from January to June 2012.  This  related to  analyzing    the relevance of Dr. Schumacher’s work to face contemporary challenges to development on the occasion of the 100 year birth anniversary of Dr. Schumacher, the founder of “small is beautiful” concept and Practical Action,  then known as lntermediate Technology Group (ITDG).

They delivered high quality output. We are very confident that Rainbow Resources Lanka (Pvt) Ltd will maintain its uniformity in offering their services. We strongly recommend their services”

Ranga Pallawala
Programme Coordinator- Practical Action

“A salient aspect of the World Health Organization’s work is the need to meet very tight deadlines. This applies to our communication work too as it is tied to emergencies and milestones. I am impressed that RRL worked tirelessly to meet these challenging deadlines, whilst maintaining our high quality benchmarks. RRL staff were cheerful, flexible and worked well under pressure.

 For our work in Sri Lanka, we have not found it easy to find communication agencies who have a sound grasp of the human development sector as well as sound technical skills. This rare combination, we found in RRL. I believe that RRL would be a good partner for any challenging communication assignments in the human development sector”

Dr.Arturo M Pesigan
Former Technical Officer – WHO office in Sri Lanka


“The work and impact in Sri Lanka of the Institute of War and Peace Reporting – and our ongoing activities there – simply could not have been possible without the partnership of Rainbow Resources based in Colombo and with whom we have the greatest confidence and regard.

 In our experience, Rainbow Resources is the ideal national lead partner for our work on the island because its approach is wholly professional and politically neutral – and it is fully trusted and respected by those groups and communities it works with and seeks to support.

As an organization that has worked over the past 25 years in more than three dozen conflicted and transitional societies around the world, IWPR has worked alongside a great many local organisations. Largely because of its staff, leadership and vision, Rainbow Resources has been one of the groups that IWPR has been most fortunate to work with – and it makes our own work and commitment to deliver so much easier. I therefore wholly recommend and salute the great work of Rainbow – and I would be very happy to speak about their work further”

Alan Davis
IWPR Asia & Eurasia Director